Microsoft PowerApps

An innovative approach to app development – low-coding, but easy to make an app like an IT professional. Its capability with various Microsoft products, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office and Azure Cloud, enable you turn your business data into useful applications.

Benefits of Power Apps

  • Enhance noncoders and developers daily working process: from selecting common models for prediction, detection and functions such as document processing, binary classification and more detailed form processing to train data models to recognize strings of text, images or other data from computer text or scans of paper documents.
  • Users can analyse documents for things such as testimonials and sentiment about messaging
  • Connecting Vision AI in PowerApps with Power Automate with Common Data Service and over 230 connectors to both Microsoft and non-Microsoft systems

Why Power Apps?

  • The combo of Microsoft PowerApps, AI Builder and Vision AI let you move ahead of this trend by creating a low-code environment for app creation
  • PowerApps establishes a platform to let you design your app without any programming training. Pre-built templates, common data service
  • Over 230 connectors are ready for our apps to connect our data and visual recognition AI models, like what a professional developer does

Put the Microsoft AI insights into actions in your apps.

  • One of the fastest experiences on apps building
  • Empower your team to start building and launching apps right away using pre-built templates, drag-and-drop simplicity, and quick deployment

Build the apps like the professionals

  • Build the apps with advanced functionality previously only available to professional developers — Including pre-built AI components.

Enable extensibility for developers

  • Provide professional developers the tools to seamlessly extend app capabilities with Azure Functions and custom connectors to proprietary or on-premises systems.

Solution highlights

AI Builder

  • The prebuilt AI model: binary classification, text classification, object detection and form procession, unlock the potentials of the visual input and search in PowerApps.
  • PowerApps can also connect with your company data in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Business Central, SharePoint and other third party solutions.

Vision AI

  • Vision AI powers up the visual recognition accuracy in PowerApps and AI builder, automatically getting the right information from the beginning.
  • Integrates with Automate as a trigger for various automation process, like your team will get an automatic email with AI-recognised handwritten testimonial in the product surveys.

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